Resume Writer

I believe that a resume tells your story about who you are as a professional and a person. Yes, you can find a million and one resume templates (and even online resume builders), but I promise they don’t give you the right words, phrasing, and formatting to really build your story.

When you’re seeking a new job, you know that the right career has ripple effects into all aspects of your life: well-being, happiness, financial stability. I want to help you create your resume story in a way that gets you closer to your career goals.

Some people are interested in the backstory of Zoetic Resume & Writing Services, so here it is in under two minutes.

In 2003, I started as an English teacher. With said English degree, I was often asked to edit documents. A time or two, I helped colleagues with essays for their graduate classes while still writing my own (who knew that in 25 pages you could analyze a poet’s entire collection).

Over the years, though, I noticed that I was helping write and edit one thing in particular: resumes. I found one common thread among my colleagues, friends, and family who were attempting to write their own cover letters and resumes. Talking about themselves–their best selves–through these documents didn’t come so naturally. Let alone knowing where a comma is supposed to really go!

I created a way for them to share their job history with me, and then I relayed that information for them through these documents. I always felt like the detective, getting to the bottom of what really made each person tick; why they would be brilliant in this new position; why this work suited him/her and that particular company. The best part, though, was always the phone call from them telling me they had an upcoming interview. I was on to something.

At this point in my life while still remaining very committed to teaching high schoolers, I am growing in my professional life as an entrepreneur and reaching out to those seeking to do the same.

In my personal life, you can typically find me chasing after 2 little boys; making sure they have plenty of snacks; swimming and practicing our float; and reading the most fun picture books on the planet. My husband and I are blessed to have some room to roam on our property in Three Rivers, and the world is just better with our labrador and golden.

I enjoy the busy and finding balance between work and home. Things can be \”crazy\” and they can be \”busy,\” but I wouldn’t change it for much of anything.

\”Zoetic\” means \”living, vital.\” Your resume is a living document that changes as you gain professional and personal experience. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help you grow in your professional and personal life through my writing.

This really is all about what you’ve done to get you to this place. I just help you find the words.

Becky Neff