Why a Good Resume Means More Money

Resume Writing

Imagine for a moment you’re sitting in an interview room, wearing your most professional, perfectly tailored outfit, with your resume portfolio resting on the table in front of you. You’ve been in the interview for a little under ten minutes, answering preliminary questions with relaxed confidence. You feel very good about the direction your answers are taking you. You see the hiring manager’s hand reach toward your portfolio. Now is your moment. Your resume is about to do so much talking for you. 

What thoughts are racing through your head as you watch them scan the page? Are you self-assured, knowing every line on your resume represents who you are, what you’re worth, and what you have to offer? Are you experiencing mixed emotions, unsure if you’ve captured every nuanced accomplishment in the most applicable and relatable way? Maybe you’re nervous, worried your resume is too scattered and might inadvertently reveal flaws that will cost you your dream salary. 

Resume writing is one of the most complicated– yet rewarding–elements of your job search. It’s undeniably difficult to open a window to your worth, especially when you’re limited to showcasing professional experiences within a few pages. With a little help, however, your resume can provide you with unflappable confidence, elevate you to a better position, and deliver higher earning potential. 

Good Resumes Provide Negotiating Power

Your resume is more than just a page filled with experience and education. Resumes provide powerful talking points to tip salary negotiations in your favor. Almost 90% of employers surveyed in a 2021 hiring survey admitted initial salary offers are flexible. This means you have the opportunity to gain more money at the start by clearly articulating your worth – and negotiating your way to a higher salary.

Negotiations can admittedly be tricky and uncomfortable conversations, especially when your dream job opportunity is surrounded by other candidates potentially willing to do the work for less. You might be hesitant to ask for more money for fear of losing the opportunity. This is where your resume’s content gives you a clear advantage over your competitors. 

Instead of simply asking for more money, show your future employers you’re worth the investment. A good resume captures your accomplishments in terms of quantifiable, numerical, and financial data. It’s much easier to ask for a bump in salary when your past experiences show you’re capable of returning the investment three times over. 

A good resume also provides instant talking points to organically support your negotiations. You don’t need to fumble through your experiences, goals, and impact when your resume places those examples at your fingertips. You can clearly, quickly, and confidently communicate timelines and dollar values, all with the added bonus of having a beautifully-formatted copy of each achievement for your future employers to retain and remember. 

Wondering what types of questions you can ask during interviews to best showcase your skills? A good resume can help! Start by asking your future employer what the strongest pain points are within the organization, then link any issues to the quantifiable results articulated on your resume. This provides clear, memorable evidence that you’re the perfect answer to their problems!

Good Resumes Quantifiably Earn Better Offers

Are negotiations not your strong suit? I’ve got great news for you. A professional, well-written resume earns you more money before you’ve even spoken a word. A recent study developed to assess the correlation between professionally-written resumes and compensation found a professionally-written resume immediately earns 7% more in annual salary. 

This means by hiring a professional resume writer to help tackle your resume, you not only have a better chance of gaining interviews, but you’re immediately valued at 7% more dollars than your competition. This is before you’ve even begun answering questions, showcasing your collaborative personality, and proving your value in person. Investing in a professional resume automatically provides a return, making it a risk-free, smart investment in your future. 

With so much earning potential just waiting to be captured, it’s no wonder the pressure to craft a good resume leaves most candidates feeling stuck. Recalling the perfect achievements and sifting through dates in your mind can be exhausting, especially when you need to format each example professionally and concisely. From practicing interview questions to quantifying experiences, the pressure to showcase what you’re worth is overwhelming and time-consuming. 

Eliminate the painstaking documentation process and get right into practicing your negotiation skills by partnering with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services. I work with you to capitalize on your successes, emphasize your worth, and move you toward your goals. Learn more about how I can transform your resume into more money by connecting with me here. I’ll walk you through each step of the process and bolster your confidence by ensuring your resume perfectly reflects your achievements, accomplishments, and most importantly, your unlimited value. 

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