Why You Need to Ask Questions at an Interview

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What thoughts pop into your mind when you hear the words “job interview?” Do you picture fresh-pressed professional clothes, a leather-bound portfolio, and a carefully-curated resume? Do you feel a slight tug of anxiousness as you think of past interview questions and recall the pressure to prepare perfect answers? Maybe you instantly start to sweat, recalling the nerve-wracking feeling of having your skills and professional experience judged under a microscope.

I’m here to tell you – an interview doesn’t only benefit potential employers. They sit just as heavily on the proverbial “interview chair of judgment” as you do. A key aspect of landing your ideal role is recognizing the power that exists on the applicant’s side of the interview table. Interviews are your chance to ask some interview questions of your own. The answers your potential employers provide will help you decide if the organization they represent is the best place for you to spend your time and talents…or not!

Interview Questions Prove Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Interest

Employers want to hire candidates who show they are invested in the business and job they’re applying for. Display your dedication to the company’s future by doing your research. Look into the organization’s core values, company history, growth plans, and published objectives. Identify their target audience and familiarize yourself with your potential employer’s unique characteristics and marketing features. Ask interview questions that exemplify your newfound knowledge and prove that by hiring you, your future employers are investing in their long-term goals. 

Example Interview Questions to Ask to Prove Engagement, Enthusiasm, and Interest

  • Your new product launch just happened last week. How is it going? How will this role impact future rollouts? 
  • I noticed one of your core values is <blank>. Can you share an example of how that core value is represented in the day-to-day duties of this role?
  • With a new merger on the horizon, I’m sure your department is extremely busy! Can you tell me more about what you expect from this merger over the next few months? 
  • I saw your latest LinkedIn article forecasting your yearly goals. What types of goal reporting and tracking mechanisms are available to employees? 
  • Based on your company history, the organization’s founder is looking to retire in the next 6 months. Where do you see the company heading once she leaves?

Interview Questions Ensure a Good Fit

Is there anything worse than landing what you thought was the perfect job, just to find it isn’t a good match at all? Bypass frustration and regret by simply asking the right interview questions. Your goal is to get the clearest possible picture of expectations, day-to-day operations, and growth opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask straightforward, direct questions about compensation, work-life balance, and time off – this is a job after all. Benefits need to be mutual. 

Example Interview Questions to Ask to Ensure a Good Fit

  • Do employees undergo performance reviews? How often and how do they impact compensation?
  • How are new employees trained and introduced to their new role? Do you offer continuing education or professional development opportunities?
  • Can you run through a quick example of what my day-to-day schedule and responsibilities would look like? Are there any special projects or duties I’d be expected to complete? 
  • Can you tell me more about the team I’d work with and who I’d report to directly? What other departments would I work with regularly? 
  • What is your paid time off policy and holiday schedule? How does your organization handle sick days?

Interview Questions Creatively Display Your Skills

Stand apart from the competition by strategically asking interview questions that allow you to embody your skills. Do your potential employers value good communication? Ask interview questions that allow you to show off your expert communication skills. Are your interviewers seeking out-of-the-box thinking? Choose creative, memorable interview questions to keep your interview top-of-mind long after you’ve left the room. Use your own interview questions to open avenues of conversation that organically show a little more of yourself, your unique skills, and your desirable personality traits. 

Example Interview Questions to Ask to Creatively Display Your Skills

  • Can you detail a time a workplace interaction didn’t go as planned? -Follow up with a succinct reference to how you would’ve handled it
  • What is the work environment and organizational culture like here? -Express the qualities you have that can positively contribute to their environment
  • What are some of your favorite office events and traditions? -Share any events you’ve planned or attended in previous roles
  • What are some of the biggest pain points your organization faces as a whole? –Address how you can contribute to results-driven solutions to those problems
  • What are your team’s greatest challenges? -Share instant ideas and an openness to help resolve the challenges

As a candidate, you have just as much decision power as your interviewers. Make the most of your time with potential employers by taking the skills on your resume and amplifying them with a few well-placed questions, each designed to convey your interest, dedication, compatibility, and aligned skills. Seeking more information on where to start? Zoetic Resume and Writing Services can help. I specialize in taking experiences, talents, and personality traits and transforming them into marketable conversation starters that wow interviewers and land you in your ideal role. Connect with me here to learn more about my services and how with the right resume, you’ll have the confidence you need to ask all the right questions in the interview room.

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