The Ultimate Graduation Gift: A Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Package

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Have a new or soon-to-be graduate in your life? Sure, you can go with standard graduation gifts like an envelope of cash or a copy of the book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss, but why not gift something to help further their career goals? A professionally-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile graduation gift is the perfect way to acknowledge educational achievements while supplying your grad with the tools they need to make the most of their new knowledge. Not only will your graduation gift exemplify your interest and show validation for the path they’ve chosen, but by providing them with a professionally-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, your gift will keep on giving for years to come. 

A Graduation Gift with Longevity

A bundle of cash is always received with a smile, but then what? Does your graduation gift end up in an interest-bearing savings account, in the hands of a Starbucks barista, or slid across a bar countertop? More often than not, your gift is appreciated, then quickly absorbed by either momentary pleasures or long-term financial goals that do not immediately improve their career goals or quality of life.

Your graduation gift can have a much bigger impact! Invest your hard-earned money into a graduation gift with staying power. A professionally-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are the foundation of your new grad’s career journey. Keep your generosity top-of-mind and give them something they can use over and over again throughout their lives; they’ll be reminded of you every time they update their resume with a new skill set, achieve a LinkedIn recommendation, or receive a compliment during an interview. Your graduation gift will impact your graduate in invaluable, immeasurable ways that last a lifetime. 

A Graduation Gift with Validation

What’s the one thing all graduates love to receive after spending years digging deep into their education, skills, and chosen career path? Validation. Today’s college graduates are leaving school with more debt than any previous generation held in their lifetime. Your graduate wants and needs to be reminded that the choice to obtain their degree (despite the hefty price tag) was the right choice for their future.

The same can be said for new graduates entering skilled trades. They may not graduate with university-level debt, but high school students looking to immediately enter the workforce need the same amount of validation and support as college grads. Your graduation gift provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your support for their decision to enter into a trade. 

There’s no better form of validation than landing a dream job, paying off debt with an amazing paycheck, connecting with mentors, or finding communities that further your personal brand and career goals. A professionally-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile graduation gift is a straight, uncomplicated pathway to all of those achievements. Show you’re listening, prove you see your new grad for who they are, what they want to be, and where they want to go, and give them the gift of unadulterated validation. 

A Graduation Gift with Proven Success

A resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are paramount to taking charge of a job search. Most employers require a resume just to apply to open positions and a good resume is proven to earn your graduate more money. Over 60% of hiring managers say a customized resume is the best way to land an interview, followed closely by nearly 50% agreeing an attached cover letter is just as important. Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong LinkedIn network, either. Six people are hired every minute on the over 810 million-members-strong professional network. 

Without some professional guidance from a professional resume writer, your new graduate can cast themselves in an unhireable light before they’ve even had a chance to take off their cap and gown. Tailor your graduation gift to match their individual needs and provide a proven pathway to better income, less debt, and more success. A professionally-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile give graduates the resources they need to step into their new career journey with confidence, professionalism, and prosperity. 

Zoetic Resume and Writing Services specializes in capturing the skills, education, and experience of new graduates in professional, eye-catching career documents and professional networking profiles. My experience as both an educator and professional writer pairs perfectly with the needs, questions, and professional boost new graduates need when beginning a new career. Ready to give your new graduate everything they need to succeed? Connect with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services here to learn more about my customized, professionally-written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn graduation gift packages. 

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