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Getting lost in an endless array of online resources is one of the easiest ways to derail your job search. With so many purported job seeker websites jostling for first place in our search results, it’s no surprise a vast number of us walk away from online job search sessions feeling bleary-eyed and more confused than when we began. Too often, job seekers invest time in online resources that return few, if any, leads, interviews, or job offers. This negatively affects morale, reduces our overall chances of scoring our dream job, and wastes precious time that could be spent exploring qualified leads and resources.

The key to strategizing your online job search is knowing which job seeker websites offer the greatest return on your investment. You don’t need to pay hefty subscription fees to make the most of your time online. Start your job search by checking out free, job-specific websites and online resources with proven employer-to-candidate connection capabilities and quantifiable success rates. 

General Job Seeker Websites


The world’s number one job seeker website with over 250 million visitors a month, Indeed.com is a free access platform that connects candidates to employers worldwide. Indeed allows job seekers to upload resumes, browse jobs with a number of helpful filters and categories, and create job alerts so seekers are informed the minute a new job is posted. Candidates must create an account to save jobs, receive alerts, or apply via Indeed’s integrated online application platform. 


With free access to nearly 700 million users, LinkedIn offers one of the largest talent networks in the world. LinkedIn’s unique profile capabilities help candidates showcase not only their past work experience, but real-time projects, work samples, referrals, and recommendations. Users must register and create a LinkedIn account to access jobs, network with coworkers and potential employers, and make the most of the platform. Pro Tip:  Zoetic Resume and Writing Services takes the pain out of LinkedIn profile creation with customizable LinkedIn profile development services. Click here to learn more.

Industry-Specific Job Seeker Websites

A vast majority of industries offer job seeker websites or online job boards specific to their line of work. These websites often require separate profiles to apply for open positions and research open positions. Large global or national companies also offer in-house online job boards; these can be especially helpful when your career goals include working for a specific company within your desired industry. 

Pro Tip: When searching for industry-specific job seeker websites, try running an online search using your specific industry and location in the search terms. Don’t be afraid to visit industry leader websites to check for open positions – these brands are often national and may have openings near you or offer relocation bonuses. 

MASA (Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators)

Known for supplying technical training, leadership connections, professional development, and legal services to Michigan’s high-level public school leaders, MASA offers online job search tools to connect job seekers with statewide school districts.   

AAM (American Axle & Manufacturing)

A global Tier 1 Automotive and mobility Supplier, AAM is headquartered in Detroit and maintains 85 facilities in 18 countries. AAM offers internships, entry-level positions, management roles, and executive job placement through its own designated job seeker website

NPO (Nonprofit Job Board)

A leading nonprofit job board for over 25 years, NPO.net attracts over 500 applicants a month and showcases nonprofit job openings worldwide. NPO is a free job seeker website that allows candidates to upload their resumes, save job postings, and receive alerts about open positions.   

USA Jobs (Federal Job Board)

The federal government’s job seekers website, USAJobs.gov allows users to search for available positions by keyword, title, agency, or location. Candidate resumes are visible to recruiters and the platform walks each user through the hiring process step by step. All federal jobs require a specialized federal resume, which differs greatly from traditional resumes. Zoetic Resume and Writing Services does not provide federal resume writing services, but can refer you to someone who can help.  

Job Seeker Websites for Internships


With over 9 million active student users, 1,400 college and university partners, and 650,000 employers, Handshake is the number one internship job board in the US. Candidates simply need to sign up, download the app, create a profile, meet with employers, and apply for the internship. A user-friendly platform and ever-growing community make Handshake an incredible resource for new grads entering the workforce.

Chegg Internships

An all-encompassing job seeker website, Cheggs Internships offers job boards, insightful candidate-specific articles, and effective job search tips and tricks to help new grads make the most of their budding careers. Job seekers are invited to search internships by keyword, city, and state; users are required to create a profile to upload their resume and apply for opportunities. 

Job Seeker Websites for Salary Estimates

Found the perfect job, but unsure how much to ask for in terms of compensation? Understanding average salaries for your industry and area is imperative to nailing negotiations in the interview room and beyond. It’s equally important to estimate your area’s cost of living so you have a good idea of the market value of positions you wish to apply to. Earn more money by taking a few minutes to research salary estimates and compare where you fit in regards to experience and valuable skill sets.


Negotiate with confidence using Glassdoor’s online Salary Calculator. A transparent, innovative, dedicated job seeker website, Glassdoor offers salary averages at a glance, company reviews by current and previous employees, well-researched benefit reviews, and executive team approval ratings.


A leader in company-specific compensation data, career news, and expert job advice, Salary.com offers job seekers the opportunity to review metrics from over 25,000 organizations around the world. Candidates can easily search average salaries, benefits, and cost of living by filtering on keywords, job title, or country.

Finding the best job seeker websites for your career search is just the first step in strategizing your online success. Properly presenting your skills, key qualities, and compatibility is imperative to earning interviews and job offers. Ensure you put your best digital foot forward by investing in a professionally-written resume and cover letter with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services. I partner with my clients to ensure they have the tools, documents, and experience-backed professionalism they need to stand out online. Connect with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services here to learn more about my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile services.

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