Why a Professional Resume Writer Is Better Than Online Resume Builders

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A well-written resume is proven to earn you more money and provide better negotiation power in the interview room. What happens, though, when you need a new resume and your job history doesn’t include the title of Professional Resume Writer? Downloading a simple resume template or using an online resume builder might be tempting; after all, an online resume builder is readily accessible, fairly cheap, and it gets the job done, right? 

Wrong! An online resume builder is going to cost you more in terms of time and energy than the investment you make when you partner with a professional resume writer. Professional resume writers work beyond and outside of cookie-cutter online resume builders. We carry a unique set of skills and advantages to help you further your career goals. 

Personalized, Individual Attention

When you work with a professional resume writer, you instantly gain access to a career path partner. We are people, not computer programs, and we organically understand the trials and tribulations of a career search – as humans living and working toward the same goals you are, we’ve been in your shoes! Professional resume writers understand the emotions, time, and strategies that accompany job searches, and we utilize our expert knowledge in these areas to make the most of your experience, education, and investment. 

Professional resume writers provide personalized, individual attention to ensure you leave with a custom, unique-to-you professional resume that demands attention and perfectly captures who you are as an employee. We don’t rely on static templates or programs to showcase your skills. Instead, professional resume writers expertly employ our industry-specific knowledge to grab the eyes of your future employers in distinctive ways. 

Critical Thinking Power

Perhaps you’re a new graduate just starting in your field or you’re shifting to a new industry or leadership role within your current organization. What’s the best way to convey your experience when it doesn’t directly tie into the roles you’re applying to? As coded programs with key attributes and algorithms that exist well beyond your personal goals, online resume builders cannot answer these important questions for you. 

Professional resume writers pride themselves on talking clients through options, providing research-backed, professional support, and navigating hard decisions with critical thinking skills. We look for out-of-the-box, proven methods of showcasing your expertise in ways that creatively tie into your long-term goals. We discuss ideas with you, walk you through best resume practices, and execute decisions with genuine regard for your future. 

Well-Rounded Packages and Professional Relationships

Paying for an online resume builder means paying to work through a program that still requires you to articulate the skills, education, and experience you wish to prioritize. You are forced to decide which elements of your background are most important and you’re also responsible for figuring out how to connect your resume to your professional network so you can gain job leads. When your time with the online resume builder is through, you leave with a single document – your (non-unique, template-driven) resume.

Professional resume writers provide unique career packages that focus your efforts in multi-faceted ways. Instead of leaving with a single PDF of your resume, a professional resume writer can also provide a cover letter, eNote, and LinkedIn profile assistance. They’re invested in providing outstanding customer service and aim to create long-term relationships with their clients. Need something tweaked for a new lead you received? Your professional resume writer is there to assist. Hoping for insight into the best way to reword your cover letter? Your professional resume writer can help. Unsure which posts belong on LinkedIn and which do not? Connect with your professional resume writer to learn more. They are true partners in your career search and will even go as far as adding new workplaces and experience to your resume, serving you long after your initial resume is written. Professional resume writers want nothing more than to help you succeed. 

Long-Term Applicant Tracking System Compliance 

Online resume builders claim to be Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant – but are they really? Do they truly understand the objectives for the specific role you’re applying to, enough to “beat” the employer-created application programs the online resume builder is up against, or are online resume builders more likely to get you flagged for “keyword stuffing?” Are online resume builders capable of reading beyond job descriptions and researching important employer info like company history, client testimonials, and Key Performance Indicators? 

Professional resume writers take the time to walk through your resume with you to show how keywords fit into the final document. We have research power, personal experience, and relationships with the industries you want to enter or advance within. We don’t pull an online list of “typical” keywords to stay ATS compliant, we develop specific keywords with you and ensure they not only work with the ATS you’re facing, but align with the professional skills and image we build into your resume.

Are you ready to advance your career and reach your professional goals? Don’t let an automated, template-driven online resume builder get in the way of your success. Connect with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services here to experience the power of personal attention. Together we can build a resume that captures your hard-earned experience, expands your professional network, and helps you land your dream job.

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