Should You Use an AI Resume Writer?

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AI has taken the world by storm in 2023. Whether it’s a ChatGPT website assistant or AI-generated art, it seems there’s no limit to the use cases for Artificial Intelligence tools. Naturally, it’s tempting to want to use the latest AI writing software to streamline the resume writing process, but just how helpful is an AI resume writer? Like any tool, it has its strengths and weaknesses, but by smartly implementing AI in conjunction with a human resume writer, you can create a resume that’s compelling to future employers through a fast, efficient process.

How AI Resume Writers Work

Understanding what an AI can and can’t do begins with understanding how they produce written content. Rather than program an AI like ChatGPT to be a really good writer, AI writers are designed to be really good learners. They’re fed a vast amount of information and written content and told, “Learn how to recreate something like this.” The AI then analyzes that content and pays attention to things like vocabulary, punctuation, paragraph structure, and word order to figure out how human writers use each of those grammatical tools. Then, when you provide an input, such as asking ChatGPT, “How are you today?” the AI tries to predict an appropriate response based on previous examples of that same input it was exposed to when it was initially fed content to analyze. It then comes up with an answer like, “I’m doing well, how about you?” Essentially, it’s a much more complicated version of the auto-complete predictive text feature on your phone or Google search bar.

An AI resume writer works the same way. It’s fed millions of examples of resumes across all industries, countries, and career levels and tries to learn how to recreate those examples. When you tell an AI resume writer to create a resume for you, it takes your input (your name, education, experience, and desired job or industry) and creates an output based on other resume examples with similar inputs as yours. So, if you have a bachelor’s degree, administrative work experience, and are seeking a job in the tech industry, an AI resume writer will look for other bachelor’s degree graduates with administrative work experience seeking a job in the tech industry and mimic their resumes using your name, school, and unique work information.

What an AI Resume Writer CAN’T Do

As it stands right now, AI writers are great at recreating content based on previous examples of similar content, but not capable of innovating new content. By definition, an AI resume writer cannot generate something that is completely novel or that breaks the “rules” it’s been trained on. Using an AI assistant alone, you’ll end up with a resume that looks eerily similar to all the other resumes you’re competing against. A human resume writer, on the other hand, can help you take a basic resume and transform it into something that helps you stand out from the pack. A person can be creative in shaping a resume that’s unique and interesting, whereas an AI will create one that’s technically correct but lifeless and unremarkable.

An AI resume writer also won’t ask probing questions. The strength of a resume writing service like Zoetic is in crafting a resume based on a conversation about your work history and experience, not just formatting it correctly and filling in the blanks with your personal information. You may not always know how important a given role or experience can be in making you stand out to potential employers, and you may leave that valuable information out of your first draft of a resume. A human writer can probe your work history through pointed questions that pull out those hidden gems of your experience and elevate your resume to the highest possible standard. Using only AI, if you don’t think to provide that important information as part of your initial input, the AI resume writer won’t know that it’s missing something essential.

What an AI Resume Writer CAN Do

An AI resume writer is best thought of as an assistant and not as a full-service writer. Rather than trust it to create the content you’re relying on to catch the eye of potential employers, use AI to offload the monotonous, manual labor you don’t want to do. Tasks like formatting or proofreading are prime candidates for AI work since they often don’t require creativity and are more procedural than they are substantive. 

AI can take an initial batch of inputs to quickly create a first draft of a resume, and then a resume writing service like Zoetic can massage that first draft to make it more unique and eye-catching and can fill in the gaps with better content. The reverse process is also a meaningful way to use AI tools. A human writer can discuss your history and experience, helping to pinpoint exactly the content you should use to craft your resume. Then, that high-quality content becomes that set of inputs that an AI resume writer can build on in a format that’s ready to be shared. In this way, AI is a time-saving tool, not a substitute for wholesale content creation.

Using AI in conjunction with a resume writing service is a great way to put your best foot forward with future employers without wasting time on menial tasks that could better be spent polishing the substantive parts of your resume. Work with Zoetic Resume and Writing Services to discover the most compelling aspects of your experience, and then let AI speed up the process of turning that content into a compelling resume. Connect with me here to get started.

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