Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

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Hiring a professional resume writer isn’t as simple as choosing the first result from your Google search. From paid advertisers to misleading “quick and easy” online resume builders, online search results don’t always capture the full picture or provide candidates with the information they need to select the best professional resume writing partner for success. While combing through thousands of potential professional resume writers can seem intimidating at first, candidates can easily start their search by focusing on writers who adhere to a few resume writing best practices. Join Zoetic Resume and Writing Services as we walk through the top 5 things to look for when hiring a professional resume writer.

#1: Proactive Communication 

Job applicants hire professional resume writers because they’re looking for someone to effectively and expertly communicate the candidate’s skills, experiences, and education to potential employers. At the core of every resume writer’s job sits one very important, critical skill – communication. Professional resume writers need exceptional communication skills, and these skills are put to the test the minute a candidate initiates contact. 

Focus your time and energy on professional resume writers who respect your time from the very beginning. Unresponsive, slow-to-reply, disorganized writers have no place in professional resume writing. Initial contact should result in swift, professional responses free from spelling and grammar errors, formatting issues, and typos. A well-aligned professional resume writer will also give you all the information you need to get started, while offering a series of tasks and questions to help familiarize them with your career goals and writing needs.

#2: Online Presence

The world has officially gone digital and nowhere is this more evident than in the employment sector. With over half the employment force finding and applying for jobs online, it’s more important than ever for resume writing professionals to maintain a strong digital brand. Online presence indicates a clear commitment to meet job candidates where they’re at and exemplifies a professional resume writer’s ability to navigate the online job application world. 

Online familiarity is a must-have skill as more and more employers turn to automated application systems to weed out non-compliant resumes and applicants. A website, LinkedIn profile, and Google My Business page provide valuable insight and legitimacy behind the person you’re hiring and showcase important skills needed to stand apart from the crowd. When searching for your ideal professional resume writer, ensure they have the online presence to back up the knowledge required to effectively represent you in an increasingly digital world. 

#3: Professional Credentials and Affiliations

Professional resume writers need (like candidates) to stay committed to continuing education, personal development, and industry growth. Affiliations with organizations like the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC) and the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA) provide professional resume writers with the education, networking opportunities, and certifications they need to stay ahead of job search trends, automated applicant system updates, and resume skills updates. Some affiliations include development opportunities like the Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert program, designed to teach professional resume writers how to make the most of online career networking platforms like LinkedIn. Partner with professional resume writers who are as committed to their career as you are; find out which organizations they’re a part of and do some research into the programs your potential writers choose to participate in. 

#4: Reviews and Referrals

A well-aligned professional resume writer allows their hard work to speak for them. When searching for your ideal professional resume writer, check their social media profiles, websites, and search engine platforms for transparent reviews and referrals from past clients. Isolate specific experiences that relate to your unique needs, such as a cover letter or resume refresh. Pay special attention to language around the skills you value the most, like responsiveness, success, or relatability. 

Hiring a professional resume writer is about finding the perfect partner for your personality, goals, and individual job search. What works for most may not work for you – and that’s ok! Dig deep into as many options, reviews, and referrals as you can until you find a series of experiences that resonate with your distinctive requirements. 

#5: Experience in Your Industry

One of the very best things about hiring a professional resume writer is that you gain an expert career professional who can seamlessly represent you to your ideal audience and employers. Ensure your resume investment leads you down the path to success by partnering with writers who have experience and the ability to invest solid time into researching your industry. An experienced resume writing professional with industry-specific relationships, research skills, and networking efforts will understand how to tailor your skills to suit your intended leadership team. What makes sense to a school district superintendent, for example, doesn’t necessarily translate to a manufacturing team manager. The ability to conduct proper due diligence (typically takes longer than a 24-48 hour turn around time – quick turnarounds are a red flag!) into your industry is key to comprehension and individualized resume building. Understanding the industry climate you wish to apply for allows your professional resume writer to clearly showcase your experience with insider terminology, company priorities, and leadership preferences. 

Are you looking for a professional resume writer with the communication skills, online presence, expert affiliations, plentiful referrals, and widespread experience needed to expertly launch your career search goals? Look no further than Zoetic Resume and Writing Services. I partner with my clients to ensure their needs and goals are perfectly represented with eye-catching, interview-landing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Connect with me here for your personalized consultation and together let’s land the job of your dreams. 

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